Free Online Publishing Benefits of Joining Felsics as a Contributor

Free Online Publishing: Benefits of Joining Felsics as a Contributor

This article highlights the benefits of free online publishing (as a contributor) with Felsics.

Suitability and Limitations

Contributing to the knowledge-base on our platform is most beneficial for writers, researchers, inventors, journalists, and media outreach managers.

*Summary of Benefits

Free Online Publishing Benefits of Joining Felsics as a Contributor
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Below is a list of benefits of posting/publishing on Felsics;

  1. Global exposure to a growing audience through your publications

  2. Reservation of full rights to your work

  3. Ability to easily manage your posts

  4. Your work will be linked seamlessly to hundreds of other related publications across our various online outlets

  5. Gain citations in other articles on our website and beyond. Please see this article to understand our linking, citation and referencing system

  6. Get personalized guidance to increase your visibility when you email us at

  7. Correlate your work with others in your field

  8. Get featured in our glossary and social media posts for free

  9. Publicize your discoveries, inventions and expertise

  10. Build your portfolio with references to your articles and other posts

  11. Get topic recommendations for free on request

  12. Generate leads for your products and services

  13. No unexplained or unnecessary bans on accounts

  14. No basic membership fee

  15. You can refer your clients, employers, students, to your articles and posts as a contributor

  16. Grow your audience and exposure as our knowledge-base grows

  17. Guidance with research topic suggestions to fast-track your growth

  18. Up to 5× higher view rate for your research, patents and other posts through our interlinking strategy

  19. Get help with optimizing your abstracts an intros to increase visibility on all search engines

  20. Generate publicity for your self-published works, even if they are marketed on other platforms

For additional guidance check out other articles like how to publish articles and research papers. You can also send us an email.

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