how to publish a research paper for free online

How to Publish a Research Paper for Free Online, Gain Citations, and Build an Audience

This guide details how to publish a research paper for free on Felsics. Please read the steps/guidelines for manuscript submission carefully, especially numbers [3] and [6].

Factors to Consider

*Steps/Guidelines for Manuscript Submission (Research)

how to publish a research paper for free online
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1). Ensure Your Work Is Ready For Publication

Before submitting your manuscript, ensure it is ready for publication with a preliminary check.

Areas to check include grammar, completeness (are all sections present?), inclusion and order of author name(s) and institution(s), proper labeling, images where needed.

2). See Our Categories

Browse through our categories to determine where your work belongs. You can choose one category when submitting.

3). Arrange Your Paper

Write a concise abstract that clearly conveys the objectives and outcomes of your research in few sentences. Ensure you have a copy of this abstract separate from the main body of your work. You will paste only this abstract in the submission text box, and send the main body/document to our email address

Include the main sections like introduction, aim and objectives, methodology, results and interpretation, references.

A table of contents is not necessary as our site will generate one for you on publication.

4). Edit for Plagiarism and AI Percentage

While it is acceptable to use AI tools to boost your efficiency and productivity, we recommend humanizing your AI input to less than 40 percent (when checked with an AI detector).

Kindly edit your work for factuality and human-relatability before submitting.

Regarding plagiarism, a scored of less than 30 percent on plagiarism checkers is recommended for works that have not been published elsewhere. For works that have been published elsewhere prior to posting, the contributor must;

  • Be the original owner of the work (as can be confirmed using names, contact addresses like institutional emails)

  • Have received permission from the original author

  • Given full attribution to the original author (for works-including images-with Non-Commercial Creative Commons licences)

5). List and Order the Author(s) Correctly

The author names should be included before the introduction page, especially for works with multiple authors.

For works with one author only, the name can be omitted from the submission, provided the registered username is the name of the author. Otherwise include the author’s name in the manuscript.

6). Login and Submit Your Paper

Login to your account or create an account for free to submit your work.

  • In the Submit Post section, fill the required fields like Title and Categories. In the Post Content section, type/paste your abstract. You can upload an image from your work as well. Note that it will not be published immediately until it has been viewed by our team. This will take a short time.

  • Once done, please attach your main document (preferably Word format) to an email and send to us at Make the title of your research the subject of your email.

  • This will enable us quickly view your work and publish it alongside your abstract.

  • Our team will also provide you with recommended topics and themes that will make your research more visible and expand your reach.

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