Effective October 18, 2021.

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The purpose of this privacy policy is to outline how Felsics protects and uses information which you give while using the domain: https://www.felsics.com

Any information provided for identification purposes while using this website will therefore be handled in strict accordance to this policy. The privacy may be modified periodically, with updates to this page. Kindly check this page from time to time, to monitor such changes and ensure that you are comfortable with them.



Information Collection

Felsics may collect the following information from users;

- Contact information including email address and name

- Demographic Information such as location, preferences, technology, interests and IP address

- Other relevant information to customer offers and surveys


Information Usage

The information gathered serves the following purposes;

-To understand user needs

- To improve services and products

- To collect statistical data about the use of the site

- To customise the website in accordance with user interests

- To contact users regarding contact forms or comments on the site

- No personal information will be sold, leased or distributed to any third parties in the absence of legal permission or requirement to do so


Personal Data Security

In order to secure all personal data from users on this site, physical and managerial protective procedures have been put in place.


Usage of Cookies

A cookie is basically a file which contains an identification factor, which is usually a string of numbers and letters, that is sent to a web browser by a server, and is stored by the web browser.

This identification factor is sent back to the server whenever there is a page request page by the web browser. Cookies are either session-based or persistent. The session-based cookies expire at the end of each browsing section, while the persistent cookies are valid till their preset date of expiry. While cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information about the user, they are usually linked to other forms of personal data which may already have been given.

Cookies have the advantage of enabling the web application to tailor its service to the specific needs and preferences of the user. There is also the general option for each user to either accept or decline cookies. While this option may not be given by some web browsers, the browser settings can be modified to decline cookies if preferred.

Cookies are also served by some advertisers on this site. Such cookies are not under the full control of the site administration. However, they are only meant to tailor the advertisements to the preferences and needs of users.

The data which will be collected using these cookies are also non-identifiable, and include web pages visited, ads viewed, browser type, time of visit, and operating system. The manner by which these cookies and all similar technologies are used by the advertising vendors is governed by their own privacy policies. Felsics hereby disclaims all liability in connection with this.

Contact Form

The contact form submission data includes the user agent, email address, message, name, and IP address. These are all submitted to the Antispam Bee service solely for spam checking purposes. The actual data submitted by users is stored in the database of Felsics and is emailed directly. In the email is the submitter’s name, email address, IP address, and message.

Synced data includes post and post meta data, associated with the contact form submission of users. The IP address and user agent that are originally submitted with the comment are also synced, as these are stored in post meta.



The used data in this category includes the name, email address, and site url associated with the commenter, as well as the commenter's IP address and timestamp. These pieces of information are sent to Antispam Bee for spam checking:

For activity tracking, the comment’s name, site URL and email address are all stored in cookies. (which have earlier been explained in this document).

Synced data includes all metadata and data associated with comments from users. This includes the comment status, as spam or non-spam (based on classification by Antispam Bee). If a user leaves any comment, this comment and its metadata are indefinitely retained. The sole purpose is in order to be able to recognize and automatically approve follow-up comments without much delay.


Mobile Theme

The data used includes preferences of users on viewing the site's mobile version.

Tracked activity includes cookies which are stored for up to 3.5 days in order to remember the user preferences with respect to viewing the mobile version of the site.



Used data includes IP address, username/email address (as may appear while attempting to login), and site URLs associated with login attempts. The sole purpose for this is to monitor login activity, and prevent fraudulent attempts.

Tracked activity in this category includes the user agent and IP address of failed login attempts. A 24-hour cookie is set to check if a user has been able to complete a math captcha successfully to prove that he/she is human.

Synced data in this category includes IP address, email address/username, and user agent information of failed login attempts.



Used data in this category include email address and ID of the subscriber, and ID of the comment or post to which the subscription is made. For new subscriptions, server data are also collected, which include the HTTP headers of the subscribing user, the user's IP address, and the URI provided for accessing the page. The purpose of collecting these data is solely for spam prevention and monitoring.

Tracked activity in this category includes subscription preferences of the user (provided the user has an active subscription).


External Links  

Content on Felsics may include some links to external websites. These links are solely due to related information of relevance to users. It is important to note that Felsics has no control over these external websites and cannot be held responsible for privacy and protection of any information provided by users while visiting such sites.

This implies that these sites are not generally governed by this privacy policy. It is therefore necessary to exercise caution and refer to the individual privacy statements of these sites.


Google Analytics

Felsics makes use of “Google Analytics” for collecting information with respect to the use of this site. The collected information includes the frequency of user visits to the site, the pages visited on such occasions, as well as sites visited by users prior to visiting this site.

The sole purpose of collecting these information is simply to improve the site and its services. The only information collected by Google from visitors is the IP address used at the time of visiting. It therefore does not include any personally-identifying information that could breach the user's privacy.

Also, this site does bot combine any personally-identifiable information with the information collected by Google Analytics. While there is a permanent cookie planted in users' web browsers by Google Analytics to identify them as unique visitors to this site, these cookies are usable only by Google.

The ability of Google to share and use information from Google Analytics is restricted and controlled by the Google Analytics Terms of Use, as well as the Privacy Policy of Google. In order to prevent Google Analytics from recognizing you on return visits to any page on this website, you may disable cookies on your web browser.

User sessions are defined by Google Analytics, and this enables the collection of data showing how visitors use websites. The cookies which are allowed by Google Analytics for data analysis on any site are solely those which are linked to that specific site's domain.

The purpose of such cookies and data analysis is simply to monitor the behavior of users on these specific websites. This means that the data collected by Google Analytics on any site cannot be used by any other website from a different domain.


Third Parties

Felsics does not and will never allow any third party to access or use the statistical analytics tool, either to collect or track any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of users on this site. Also, Google will not associate any user's IP address with any other of its collected data.

Neither Google nor this website will link, or attempt to link, an IP address with a user's personal identity. This site will also not associate any of its collected data with any Personally-Identifiable Information from any database or source, unless the information is personally submitted by the user via a fill-in form on this website.