Choose a Pet Sitter To Minimize Your Pet's Separation Anxiety

Choose a Pet Sitter To Minimize Your Pet’s Separation Anxiety

Leaving your pet at home while you travel can be stressful. Though many owners board their animals, some pets don’t have the right temperament for a crowded space with strange dogs and cats. In this instance, hiring a pet sitter is the better option. Doing so offers several benefits, including individual attention, a familiar space and a complete focus on caring for your beloved companion.

Of course, for the best experience, you must take steps as the owner. outlines the best ways to find pet sitters and prepare for their arrival.

Create a Pet Resume

When searching for a pet sitter, consider using a resume maker free online to craft a unique resume for your furry friend. This creative approach can be a delightful and informative way to introduce your pet to prospective candidates. With an array of professionally designed resume templates available at your fingertips, these online tools allow you to customize every detail. You can add your own text, detailing your pet’s personality, habits, and needs. Moreover, incorporating photos of your pet adds a personal touch, while customizing colors and images ensures the resume reflects your pet’s character. Not only does this make the search for a sitter more engaging, but it also provides sitters with a clear understanding of your pet, ensuring a better match and peace of mind for you.

Find a Good Candidate

If you can’t get recommendations from loved ones, you can turn to the internet for pet-sitting services:

  • National Association of Professional Pet Sitters



You should always meet sitters in person to ensure they’re a good fit. Once you’ve vetted them, you can introduce your pets to see how they get along. It’s alright if your pet is shy — what matters is how the sitter reacts. To find the best candidate, look for these traits:

  • Has a calming presence

  • Forms bonds with pets easily

  • Has experience with the animal they’re looking after

  • Have the proper insurance

  • Accommodates pets’ special needs

Set Up a Communication Channel

Choose a Pet Sitter To Minimize Your Pet's Separation Anxiety
Photo Credit: Yaroslav Shuraev via Pexels


You may want to keep in touch with your pet sitter, especially if you’ll be away for a while. Agree on a time to call or text and state beforehand if you want pictures to see how your pets are doing. Finally, inform your pet sitter of any cameras you may check during the trip.

Focus on Reducing Pet Stress

Many pets experience anxiety when owners leave, which can cause itching, chewing and other ways of acting out. However, you can reduce this stress with a few tips:

  • Give them an item that smells like you

  • Desensitize pets to triggers, such as jingling keys

  • Provide engaging toys and treats

Veterinary Naturals notes that 54% of dog owners manage pets’ separation anxiety with exercise. Pet sitters can also utilize this technique by taking pups for long walks and playing with them.

Write Down Rules

While it’s important to discuss your pets’ needs and routines with sitters, you should also write everything down so they can reference the information later. According to Canna-Pet, your instructions should include the following:

  • Medical conditions and medication schedule

  • Feeding schedule and amounts

  • Walking schedule and route

  • Medical records such as microchipping, vaccinations and spaying/neutering

You should also prepare for emergencies, just in case. The first step is creating a kit for your pet:

  • Photo of your pet for identification purposes

  • Food and water

  • Traveling crate

  • First aid kit and necessary medications

The next step is writing down your evacuation plan. Tell your sitter where to go in an emergency and provide a list of contact information, including your veterinarian’s phone number.

Take Advantage of Amenities

Suggest that your sitter take full advantage of your apartment complex’s pet-focused amenities that can greatly enhance the sitting experience for your pet. Many modern complexes now offer a range of amenities specifically for pets, such as dedicated playgrounds for play and exercise, and grooming spaces for upkeep and care. These facilities can provide your pet with additional activities and comfort during your absence. Inform your sitter about these available amenities, and encourage them to utilize them to the fullest. This not only adds variety to your pet’s routine but also makes the sitter’s job more enjoyable and efficient.

If you find that your current apartment’s pet amenities are lacking, consider shopping online for a new place that offers better options. A move to a complex with superior pet facilities can significantly improve the quality of life for both you and your furry companion, ensuring they get the best care and enjoyment in your home environment.

Prepare Your Home

Remember that pet sitters also have needs, so make arrangements before their arrival. For example, you should set out blankets and pillows if they’re sleeping on the couch or change the sheets if they’re sleeping in your bed. It’s also a good idea to put all the pet supplies in one place so the pet sitter can easily find them.

If you haven’t already done so, it’s a good idea to purchase a high-quality dog crate. A crate is like a dog’s bedroom — it provides a safe, den-like experience. However if you plan to use one, acclimate your pup to it before you travel. Make sure you get one large enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down in.

Prepare with a Pet Sitter

A pet sitter can provide the individual attention your animal companions need, lowering their stress levels and ensuring they have a fun time even when you’re gone. As an owner, you get the benefit of ongoing contact to see how your pet is doing. As a result, you and your pet can weather the trip with minimal anxiety.

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